About this blog…

I don’t know if/when anyone will read this blog, but I’ll be clear up front: The views expressed here are in no way to be construed to represent the opinions of the USPTO or any state, federal, or local government agency.

This is not a dirt-slinging blog.  When I was researching the position, I didn’t find much about the patent academy itself.  The academy didn’t even start until 2006, so it is understandable that there isn’t a whole lot of information available.  My goal is just to share a glimpse of what life in the academy is like.

I will not name names.  I will not insult, impugn, or otherwise malign the USPTO or its policies.  I am excited by this job, and if I reach a moment of disillusionment that would tempt me to write something inappropriate, the blog will simply go silent.


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