“Beam me up, Scotty…”

It was “back to the mothership” today, as all the labs visited their TCs and met SPEs (or not) from their particular arts.

So, not much to report.

6 thoughts on ““Beam me up, Scotty…””

  1. I just recently became interested in becoming a patent examiner and I have to say this blog is very helpful. Do all new patent examiners have to go through the Patent Training Academy or just engineers? I am in the field of biological sciences so I was just curious. Also when you do activities such as skits, interviews, etc. do you break up in small groups and do it seperately or does everyone take there turn in front of the class. I was wondering because it seems like things would get a bit mind numbing if everyone has to do it in front of the class and the class is large.

  2. ariver4, not everyone has to get up infront of everybody, only a few people per lab… we did our skits today and about half of each lab went up so you don’t have to worry about it. For the interviews, atmost 3 people are allowed to conduct the interview per lab, and it is done in the lab (not infront of all 120+ new examiners); each lab is about 16 people. Theres no more group work after the first week, class discussions at most.

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