“From Love, with Russia”

Get it? Get it? You see, “From Russia with Love” was the second “James Bond” film, and today we had 700 part 2, so I switched it around to be like … yesterday’s… pretty lame title.

So, yeah.

Anyway, today we had an introduction to the chat software, which was chaos.  People calling each other on their phones using their computers, setting up chat rooms, etc.

We also had the second part of our 700 training.  Actually, it was more of a part 1B rather than part 2.  Part 2 is later.  Lots of interesting pieces, but nothing especially noteworthy.


1 thought on ““From Love, with Russia””

  1. Relativity,

    I just wanted to say that I found your blog today and absolutely love it (I’ve already read the entire thing)! I am finishing up school and planning on applying to the patent office next year, so all the information you’ve written about the training academy has been incredible. I have a (very, very minor) background in IP so it’s good to see that I actually knew what you were talking about in most of your posts. Looking forward to reading more!

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