“More MPEP Class”

I worked way too hard to come up with the lame title for the last MPEP class, only to have someone think it was hate speech.  So I’m giving up the ghost, as they say, and not trying at all this time.

We had the second part of our chapter 800, 1200, and 1300 class this morning, which consisted of going over the answers to the questions we received on Tuesday.  Yes, I skipped posting on Tuesday.  No particular reason.

What’s most interesting, to me, is seeing the discrepancy between a) what examiners actually need to know to do the job, day to day, versus what is tested and b) the level of knowledge trainees (myself included) think  they have versus the more detailed information we’re having to look at for the MPEP courses.

It’s good, if not a tad discouraging.  Our presenter for the 131 affidavit course made the point that these classes are designed to give us a framework upon which to work; when we come across something that doesn’t fit into the framework as we understand it, it means that either we have erred in our initial understanding, or that the issue is more nuanced and we must build on our earlier knowledge.  I’m paraphrasing horribly, but the point remains intact: these classes expose us to a large amount of the possible knowledge that is out there, and it is probably up to us to fill in the rest.


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